Deli/Seafood- Assistant Manager

Job Locations US-MA-Weston
Job ID
Store Management
Position Type


To assist the deli/seafood manager to effectively plan, organize, lead, coordinate, and optimize the materials and human resources in the department to provide variety and high quality merchandise appealing display to maximize the sales and profit of the deli/seafood department while maintaining great customer service.  To learn all aspects of managing a deli/seafood department and to function as the department manager is his/her absence.

This position starts at $17.97 / hour.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be 18 years of age with High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Successful experience in the deli/seafood operation (i.e., merchandising, ordering, inventorying, and pricing).
  • Be knowledgeable and familiar with the nature and duties of every position in the deli/seafood department including procedures, policies and operations.
  • Ability to display initiative and work with limited supervision.
  • Must be Servsafe certified.
  • Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English, with the ability to follow instructions.
  • Ability to work a scheduled based on the business needs of the store location.
  • Authorized to work within the U.S.


The list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary by the company.

  • Provide an open door atmosphere conducive to high associate morale and excellent customer service. Achieve the highest associate morale in the industry by managing in a style that is Respectful, Supportive and Totally Team Oriented (RSTO).
  • Commit to the “Golden Rule” and work with other associates to build a strong deli/seafood team.
  • Promote the company image as a service-oriented operation where every associate will greet, assist, render efficient service and thank customers in a prompt, courteous, friendly, and business-like manner.
  • Ensure the department achieves the standards of performance as outlined in the work plan.
  • Possess good communication skills and the ability to conduct and facilitate department meetings.
  • Ensure all new department associates receive proper review and training of job descriptions, goals, and objectives.
  • Ensure fair and consistent treatment in administering discipline to promote high associate morale.
  • Responsible for assisting the department manager with inventory, security, and expense control of the department.
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures, and thus compliance with all state and federal laws applicable to our industry (i.e., scheduling/labor laws, dress code, sanitation regulations, etc.).
  • Resolve customer complaints to the full satisfaction of the customer.
  • Ensure the department is merchandised in accordance with the needs of the community.
  • Order, receive, unload and store deliveries; store, price, date, rotate, and stock product and prepare product for display and sale.
  • Keep all deli/seafood products rotated in accordance with company policy and product code dates and always make use of the oldest products first (first in, first out).
  • Effectively control proper storage limiting shrink and damaged goods.
  • Achieve and maintain department’s merchandising goals and standards in cooperation with store manager and department merchandisers and buyers (such as gross profit, presentation, etc.).
  • Assist the department manager with planning work schedules and breaks; achieve payroll consistently by scheduling within budget.
  • Ensure all wage and hour policies and regulations are adhered to.
  • Maintain accurate records. Respond timely to all location mail, reports, and records.
  • Offer product samples, answer product questions, and offer assistance in finding or suggesting product selection.
  • Prepare special orders that are requested by customers (i.e., party platters, meat cuts, etc.).
  • Helping minimizing all department expenses without compromising department conditions or customer service level (i.e., payroll, supplies, insurance cost).
  • Delegate and use initiative, ingenuity, and good judgment to act on opportunities and solve problems.
  • Monitor cooler and display area temperatures to ensure product quality; report refrigeration failure immediately.
  • Practice the “Cleaner’s Creed” and ensure company standards of safety, proper food handling practices, sanitation, and productivity are achieved.
  • Ensure sales and work area are swept clean, orderly, and free from safety hazards; report hazards to management.
  • Be sure to clean department equipment and tools, clean walls, fans, and drains in deli/seafood coolers.

Secondary Job Functions:

  • Restock and use supply items efficiently to eliminate waste and to maintain the lowest supply cost.
  • Verify price checks for customers as needed.
  • Ensure all product labels, signs and prices are aligned with product.
  • Ensure department associates adhere to company dress code standard (i.e. name tags, personal hygiene, etc.)
  • Notify management of associate theft, customer shoplifting, unauthorized mark downs or property defacement.
  • Other duties assigned by management.

Physical Demands: (per work day)

The physical demands and safety risk factors of the job listed below may occur during each work shift and are listed according to their frequency.


Physical Demands



0% (N) Never

Sitting, pushing and pulling up to 250 lbs, climbing up to 8 feet, kneeling, and crouching.

1-33% (O) Occasionally

Carrying and lifting up to 50 lbs, bending, balancing, stooping, and reaching at waist or overhead.

34-66% (F) Frequently

Standing and walking on a title or concrete floor, handling, fingering, feeling, talking, seeing, hearing, and smelling.

67-100% (C) Continuously


Safety Risk Factors


Loud noise, cluttered floor surface, contact with skin irritant, toxic exposure (see material safety data sheet), nuisance dust, fumes, and sprays, and hazardous cleaning solutions.

1-33% (O) Occasionally

Twisting of back and neck, slippery floor surface, and contact with sharp objects.

34-66% (F) Frequently

Hazardous equipment (mechanical moving parts).

67-100% (C) Continuously


Machines, tools, and equipment utilized:

Slicer, case cutter, knives, kitchen utensils, electronic scales, shrink film wrapper, steamer, pressure washer, pricing gun, trash compactor, pallet jack, power jack, sink, cooler, freezer, approved cleaning supplies.


Repetitive Action:

Continuous movement of entire body.


Working Conditions: Working environment is inside and possibly within cold temperatures that may be wet/humid.